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Event recording - Coaching - Producing

30-Day Production Boot Camp

Where Musicians and Educators

level up their technology skills...

To be their own producers

and focus on their artistic legacy

Branding & Career Goals

First, we'll listen to your career goals, assess your musical and financial aspirations and cater the program to YOU.

Step 1

Website Design

Follow an easy step-by-step process to building and managing your own website with squeeze page, CRM, and email automation! 

Step 3

Marketing & Promotion

Blend all of your hard work and efforts with SEO, data analytics, blogs, and online marketing to effective grow your audience. 

Step 5

Step 2

Getting the Right Tools

Learn about what tools the pros use to get their job done in minutes instead of hours. 

Step 4

Audio/Video Production

Learn how to be your own producer, splice audio, edit multi-angle video, and develop autonomy and confidence for your personal projects. 

Step 6


Be proud of yourself when you share your awesome new business with your audience!

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Artist Development
College Prescreens

College Prescreens

Showcase the best representation of your talents.

We record in 4K video and use professional audio equipment designed specifically for classical and jazz musicians.

This recording will determine if you will get a live audition at your future school.  Why risk not getting accepted because of a poor recording?  

Music Videos

Music Videos

Create a dynamic and uniquely expressive music video.

Have a new composition or a piece that you would like to showcase?  We are here to help. Let MAP produce this for you and be proud of the product that you release to the world.

Student Degree Recitals

Student Degree Recitals

Your recital is important. We match your hard work. 

Let us help reduce your stress by making sure the technical details for your recital go smoothly. MAP has recorded hundreds of Student Degree recitals, so you will be in the best of hands.


What people say

Collaborating with Michael at MAP was an excellent experience; he intently listened to my vision for our project and transformed it into a reality. Taking no shortcuts, Michael's work is thorough and blends the aesthetics of a sensitive musician with the acuity of a media savvy technician. I couldn't be happier with the video projects Michael has done for me. In addition to the excellent craftsmanship of his work, Michael is just a great person to work with. I couldn't give a higher recommendation.

—  Drew Worden, Percussion performer, composer, teacher



Let's create something together

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